Buyer Guide: Who Pays What?

Dated: January 22 2020

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                               WHO PAYS WHAT?

Seller Paid

  • Real Estate Commission
  • Document preparation fee for Deed
  • Document recording charges that effect the seller
  • County Transfer Tax (approximately $1.10 per $1,000 of sales price)
  • Any loan fees required by Buyer’s lender (usually just FHA/VA loans)
  • Notary fees – seller’s documents
  • Any city/county transfer/reconveyance tax
  • Payoff of all loans in Seller’s name
  • Interest accrued to current lender, statement fees, reconveyance fees and any prepayment penalties
  • Bonds or assessments according to contract
  • Pest work or repairs according to contract (Negotiated, but usually requires Section 1 work only)
  • All delinquent taxes
  • Any judgments, tax liens, etc. against the Seller
  • Recording charges to clear all documents of record against Seller
  • Natural Hazard Disclosure Report
  • Wood-stove retrofit (If not EPA compliant seller will need to pay to have it removed)
  • Pump and certify septic tank 
  • Sewer clearance test (not required if completed in the past 5 years)
  • Snow removal during the listing period (driveway and walkway access need to be clear)
  • Smoke & Carbon monoxide detectors in place and working
  • Hot water heater must be seismically strapped
  • Half of Title and Escrow fees
  • Special delivery / courier fees 
  • Home Warranty according to the contract (negotiated)

Buyer Paid

  • Document preparation fees – Buyer’s documents
  • Document recording fees – Buyer’s documents
  • Notary fees – Buyer’s documents
  • Inspection fees (pest, home, roof, contractor etc.) 
  • Title insurance premium coverage loan policy (ALTA)
  • Homeowner’s transfer fees
  • All new loan charges (except those required by the lender for Seller to pay)
  • Interest on new loan from date of funding to 30 days prior to first payment date
  • Homeowner’s insurance premium for the first year
  • City transfer / conveyance tax according to the contract
  • Preliminary change of ownership fee
  • Assumption / change of records fees for takeover of exiting loan
  • Beneficiary statement fee for assumption of existing loan
  • Other pro-rations, if applicable

The items listed above are negotiable between Buyer and Seller, as agreed upon in your individual sales contract. This is for informational purposes only and reflects typical.

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